Pierrepont Accountants

Exemplary client service at an affordable price

What do we do for you?

We promise our clients an exceptional and personal service that goes above and beyond what they pay for.

How are we so confident that we can provide this? Because we understand that most clients don’t just want to hand over their accounts to some accountant and only hear from them when they need something; most clients want a confidante who will support, guide, and actively help them to grow their business to its true potential.

As part of the value that we bring, we like to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting from us, so here is a full translation of our services.


We will make a commitment to you to provide your year end accounts and tax returns within 30 days of the receipt of your records – this will enable you to make informed business and personal decisions that are extremely effective. 

Don’t worry, we’ll translate all the accountant-talk into plain English so that you know what the numbers really mean for you and your business!


We help you remove the need for employing your own accounting staff by offering more reliable and cost-effective solutions. Solutions like cloud accounting software and digital reporting. We’ll recommend what will work best for you and your processes (Quickbooks or Xero etc) as well as providing the award-winning software ReceiptBank to efficiently process transactions and maintain records.

Management Accounts

We help you get a handle on your business throughout the year with your accounts and reports! By focusing on the key performance indicators that are relevant & important to you – combined with our commitment to provide these within 14 days from receipt of your records – we ensure that you can always make timely and effective business decisions.

Taxation planning and compliance

We will work with businesses and individuals to ensure that they are as tax-efficient as legally permissible. To ensure that we can do this, we have a commitment to continuous professional development, meaning that we are always up-to-date with regard to tax law. When it comes to your tax returns, we make sure that they are filed on time and that any liability is advised upon so that you can plan ahead.

Payroll & Auto-enrolment Pension Administration

Running your own payroll can prove to be a headache in terms of employing someone, the cost involved and keeping up-to-date with the increasing level of regulations. Not to mention the possible penalties should it be wrong! To give you peace of mind, we can remove that stress and do it all for you. At only £1 per weekly and £2.50 per monthly payslip, it is likely to be significantly less than running payroll in-house. And this also includes advice on payroll matters too!

Business Advisory

As Chartered Management Accountants, Pierrepont’s background is in industry. Most of the team have worked in businesses outside of the accountancy practice sector and therefore have a wealth of knowledge of the issues and challenges that confront businesses on a day-to-day basis. This enables Pierrepont to provide tailored guidance and support throughout a client’s business journey.

Business Planning

We work with you on your business planning and can supply plans, budgets and reports to provide you with direction and understanding. This means that you’ll know where your business currently stands at any time and we’ll give you the support to help keep you on track too.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Running out of money is a common problem for startups and many small businesses. It can be one of the worst things that can happen. Cash flow issues can also occur when a business does very well and grows too quickly. Businesses in this situation will find themselves unable to pay wages and suppliers and may ultimately go out of business. 

In this instance, prevention is the key and that’s what cash flow forecasting is all about. We can help you to identify if and when this problem is likely to arise and then come up with a plan of action to address the issue. If a business ever does run out of cash, we can also go through the available options to hopefully put the business back on its feet.

Business Owner Support

With Pierrepont’s wealth of experience of working with business owners and understanding of the financial issues that they face, we are able to provide effective support. From accompanying and representing you in meetings with banks etc right through to being your virtual Finance Director, we will always be there for if and when you need us.