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Picture these two scenarios

Scenario one:

You walk into a coffee shop, you order a coffee and the barista behind the till puts your order through, you pay, and you walk out with your coffee. 

Scenario two:

You walk into a coffee shop, get greeted with a smile and when you order, the barista presents you with options. Do you want a smoother blend? Did you know that they have soya milk or coconut milk if you prefer it? Sometimes, there’s even chit chat; they get to know you and what you like and make recommendations. Whether you go for what you originally ordered or you discover a new favourite, the end result is usually the same: you walk out with a freshly ground coffee and a big smile on your face from having such personal service. 

Now, I bet you’re thinking “what does coffee have to do with accounting?” and that’s a fair question.

It has absolutely nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with service. Whether it’s coffee or accounting, we believe that exemplary service should be guaranteed.

Why come to us?

It pains us that scenario one is far more common, that people are used to such a minimal service when they deserve so much more. That’s why we make sure that our service is always top-notch. We strive to make our clients feel like more than just a number and beyond that, like they are our only client too.

So why come to us then? Yes, we boast about our personal customer service, but what does that mean for you? 

With our service, we can guarantee that you will get more of the key 4:


In an era of rapidly escalating out-costs, businesses want more cash, they want to be able to find clients consistently and manage their cash flow so that they can grow sustainably.

With our accounting knowledge and our personal support, we can help you do just that. For us it’s not just about helping you get your VAT and corporation or personal tax in on time, it’s about helping you understand your finances so that you can make smarter decisions.


Don’t we all want more time? Time to be available for our clients. Time to spend actually growing the business rather than working in it. Time to spend with our family as our business funds the lifestyle that we want.

With us, you don’t have to waste your time on paperwork and boring forms or for any accounting bits that don’t directly drive or develop your business. We can take care of that for you so that you can get back to what you do best.


It’s all well and good handing over your finances to an accountant to sort out so that you don’t have to, but you need to have the trust and confidence that it will get done. 

Many business owners feel like they are giving up control when they leave all the HMRC stuff and tax to their accountant, that’s why we like to make our clients feel like they’ve gained control. With Pierrepont, we don’t just take over your accounts, we help you understand them and what you need to do to grow your business. We work closely with you to get to know you and your business so that we can give you the best financial advice.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind is something that is often underestimated and undervalued. Yet, when people have it, it becomes invaluable. 

Many business owners worry. They worry about compliance, about fines, about not understanding paperwork and forms, and sometimes not knowing what they should or shouldn’t be doing when it comes to tax. This is what keeps them up at night. At Pierrepont, we take all the grotty bits of accounting off your mind and we tell you what we need and by when and how much it will be. We make sure that you’re always in line with changing legislation and rules so that your business is always in the optimum position and, more importantly, you can rest easy.

We don’t just submit your year end accounts and then you don’t hear from us. We become a part of your team, a team member that actively supports you and your business whenever you need it. We are there for all the ups and downs, the wins and the challenges, and we pride ourselves on this. There’s nothing like sitting down with your accountant and talking through your business goals and aspirations, and that’s what we always ensure. Whether face-to-face or on a zoom call, we love nothing more than to be present with you so that we can really get to know your business. 

You’re not an expert in accounting (just as we aren’t experts at what you do), so let’s work together to help get your business to where you want it.

Who do we help?

Sole traders, partnerships, LLPs or Limited Companies at every stage of the business journey.

Starting businesses

Growing businesses

Exiting businesses

“Delivering exemplary client service consistently. For me, this is non-negotiable.”

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